Welcome to ICORE, the International Community for Open Research and Open Education!

ICORE promotes, supports and enhances Open Research and Open Education worldwide.

Main objectives of ICORE are the recognition, progress and application of Open Research and Open Education: ICORE wants to bridge both worlds of Open Research and Open Education. The goal is the mutual re-usage of their results and outcomes, e.g. through the usage of digital resources from Open Research in Open Education.

ICORE started a series of Workshops on "Openness for All" and invites all interested citizens and organizations worldwide sharing this vision to join forces.

The vision and overall objective is the launch of a global joint initiative to re-establish openness as default as in the 1960s: Have a look here!

Join the global ICORE initiative and strengthen our common objectives for Open Research and Open Education and for a better future of our society worldwide!

Contribute to ICORE, share your experiences, collaborate in our ICORE wiki and join our ICORE Online Meetings!

Currently ICORE is running two active working groups: